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Increase margins, capture more sales and reduce waste by enabling your customers to buy for future dates

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6% higher margins

Take the guesswork out of supply and demand

Use future orders to make precise purchase decisions, reducing excess stock  and logistics costs

16% new sales

Convert more customers by unlocking choice

Enable your customers to buy from you for when they want, capturing more demand today

Sustainable growth

Cut emissions and reduce waste

Reduce the environmental cost of your supply chain by bringing your customers into your sustainability journey

1 in 3 shoppers are ordering for later

For peace of mind, better timing, storage space, gifting, sustainability, seasonal buys and more...

“Flare has honestly made my life SO much easier


Customer at Gabar

“I wouldn't have ordered without Flare


Customer at Alps & Meters

“I want to use Flare every time I shop online.


Customer at Neem London

How you can use Flare

Explore practical examples of how Flare can benefit you


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Do your products make great gifts?

Your customers are always thinking ahead for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas - so why leave conversion to chance? Reward your customers for ordering ahead, and capture more sales overall


Is your business seasonal?

Use Flare to sell seasonal stock earlier, converting more customers when they're just getting excited - even when their holiday isn't for another season!

Bulky items

Selling bulky items?

Don't miss a sale just because your customer doesn't have the space. Whether moving house or redecorating, allow your customers to pick out the products they love, without the stress of storage

Why do brands choose Flare?

Why customers love us ❤️

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“Inventory was my biggest problem - down to the top 10. Marrying supply with demand as early as we can. Getting visibility on demand and cash in advance. Flare has been transformational.
a photo of Louis

Louis Joseph

Founder, Alps & Meters

“We’ve had this gap in our consumer flow for such a long time, with no real solution. Flare allowed us to increase our product offerings with confidence in a way we haven’t before.
A photo of Nick Reed

Nick Reed

Founder, Neem London

“Flare has added more predictability into our supply chain, allowing us to better map and manage our inventory with less wastage.”
A photo of Phway

Phway Su Aye

Founder, Gabar

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Secure, manage and fulfill orders in the right quantities and at the right times across 000s of SKUs in real-time



Transform your forecasting

Use Flare's insights to understand and match what your future customers want and when they want it

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Plug in, configure and go

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Denim shorts




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Focus on what's important and less on the admin.

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Actionable insights

Stop guessing. Use committed orders to optimise sales and cash.


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Here are the top questions we get from new customers.

Is Flare just a pre order integration?

While Flare does enable you to sell products through pre order, it does far more than just that. One of its most impactful features is its ability to allow customers to order in-stock products for future dates. By allowing shoppers to purchase items for future seasons today, Flare effectively extends sales cycles and mitigates the impact of seasonal sales fluctuations, for instance, enabling the sales of ski gear during summer.

What value can I anticipate from using Flare?

On average, our partners experience a 10-20% increase in conversion rates and basket sizes, access to cash flow 25-35 days earlier, and a 3% reduction in costs. Collectively, impacting , these benefits can result in a significant profit increase - typically around 60%.

How long does integration with Flare take?

At Flare, we prioritise simplicity and efficiency. Our platform is designed for plug-and-play integration, with the full process including testing taking just 2-3 days. We believe in delivering a seamless front-end design that aligns with your brand, and we take care of the entire integration process so you can focus on your business.

Are there any upfront costs involved?

For our early partners, there are no upfront costs. We believe in growing together, and in exchange for your valuable feedback and collaboration, we offer full access to our product, charging only a percentage of the added value we deliver to your business.

Are there any risks associated with using Flare?

We understand that your brand's reputation is paramount. At Flare, we have rigorous processes in place to minimise any potential risks. Our track record boasts a 99.5% uptime and 100% customer retention, showcasing our commitment to providing reliable, risk-free solutions.

How does Flare support sustainability in eCommerce?

Flare's unique ability to allow shoppers to plan their purchases ahead not only improves sales and customer satisfaction but also significantly reduces the guesswork in demand forecasting. By accurately predicting future sales, you can optimise your inventory and operations leading to a significant reduction in waste and CO2 emissions.

What happens if I decide to stop using Flare?

We hope you'll love Flare as much as we do. However, if you decide it's not for you, we have a straightforward exit process with no penalties or hidden fees. Remember, we're only successful when you are!